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How Do You Smoke a Weed?


Twenty-six states and Washington, DC have decriminalized or legalized marijuana use, and more are joining the policy shift every year. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and experienced users are openly rejoicing—but where does that leave the marijuana newbie, cowed by years of Just-Say-No disinformation but curious about what they've missed?

Written by experienced, conscientious users and presented in an easy-to-read comic book format, How Do You Smoke a Weed? fills that gap, covering everything from weed history to strains, couch-locks to body highs, and edibles to vaporizers. Perfect for the cannabis-curious, and with new insights for the veteran smoker.

Title How Do You Smoke a Weed?
Creators Lin Visel, Joseph Bergin III, Lauren Keller
Pages 88
ISBN Softcover: 978-1-945820-16-8
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-15-1
Publication Date April 23, 2019
Dimensions 5.5" × 8.125"
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