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  • Photo: A black-and-white graphic novel opened to show two pages. On the left page, a giant, formless, shaggy, three-eyed being looms over the ruins of a stone building and a small person in a robe and pointed hat. On the right page, the face of the three-eyed thing has lowered to ground level, startling the small person, who now can be seen holding a wand. A vertical mouth is beginning to open on the giant face.
  • A masterwork of wonder and horror.

    Mage and the Endless Unknown is a fantasy adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A mostly wordless story of friendship, peril, and transformation, it’s adorable and unsettling and absolutely amazing.

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  • Hello Everyone!

    We're Iron Circus Comics! 

    We're the premiere publisher of award-winning, critically-acclaimed graphic novels in the American Midwest, a small-mid house built from the ground up by founder C. Spike Trotman. 

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