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Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord



When the vampire Lucardo, a royal member of the Court of Night, fell in love with a 61-year-old mortal named Edmund Fiedler, their passion was legendary. Then Lucardo's practical father intervened, driving Ed from the Court. After a furious search, Lucardo finally reunited with his aging lover . . . but was it too late?

Terminally ill with shifter's lung, his chest filling with blood and drowning from the inside, Ed has finally collapsed. But fiery Lucardo is having none of it. In a panic, he has gone against Ed's wishes and turned him over to the progenitor and god of his kind, the dreaded Silent Lord, in a last-ditch effort to cheat death. Will Ed embrace the dark gift, living forever with his beloved? And what will it mean, surrendering himself to this uncaring, malevolent force that lives for nothing but tormenting those that call it "father"?

An erotic graphic novel that redefines a genre, this highly anticipated third installment of the Letters for Lucardo series takes a dark and foreboding turn in a captivating saga of immortal love.

Title Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord
Creators Otava Heikkilä
Pages 200
ISBN Softcover: 9781638991014
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-27-4
Publication Date June 14, 2022
Dimensions 5.5" × 8.125"
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