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Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories


This second volume of the Cautionary Fables & Fairytales graphic novel series is a thrilling, funny, and totally unexpected take on stories spanning the entirety of the Asian continent, with loads of lesser-known myths and legends from Tibet, India, Indonesia, and beyond.

This anthology features stories by the following amazing stories:

  • The Lucky Teapot by Nicole Chartrand
  • #EndoftheWorld by Shannon Campbell & Lucy Bellwood
  • The Great Flood by Stu Livingston
  • The Demon with the Matted Hair by Kate Ashwin
  • Frog Skin by Nilah Magruder
  • The Girl Who Married a Tiger by Cat Farris
  • Ghost Pepper by Shannon Campbell & Molly Nemecek
  • Two Foxes by Carla Speed McNeil
  • After the Rain by Jose Pimienta
  • From the Journal of the Monkey King by Gene Luen Yang
  • Urashima Taro by Jason Caffoe
  • The Ballad of Mulan by Jonathon Dalton
  • The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal by Randy Milholland & Andrew Sides
  • Tongue Cut Sparrow by Ayano Hattori & Nick Dragotta
  • The Legend of Asena by Kel McDonald
  • The History of the Spectre Ship by Caitlyn Kurilich
  • Tamamo the Fox Maiden by Terry Blas
  • The Three Rhymesters by Meredith McClaren
  • Gold Sister, Silver Sister, and Wood Sister by Blue Delliquanti
  • Hoichi the Earless by Nina Matsumoto
  • The Flying Ogre by Ron Chan
Title Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories
Creators Blue Delliquanti, Carla Speed McNeil, Jonathon Dalton, Jose Pimienta, Kate Ashwin, Kel McDonald, Lucy Bellwood, Meredith McClaren, Nicole Chartrand, Nina Matsumoto, Randal Milholland
Pages 288
ISBN Softcover: 978-1-945820-34-2
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-33-5
Publication Date April 1, 2019
Dimensions 6" × 9"
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