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The Complete Curvy



Anaïs Phalèse lives on what the rest of the multiverse calls Boring World . . . better known to us as "Earth." That is, until one fateful trip to the organic food market when she gets shot trying to help a beautiful stranger. This is the fabulous Fauna Lokjom, Licorice Princess of Candy World, and Anais wants to find out a lot more about her!

Fauna is on the run from a terrible arranged marriage back home, and her betrothed seeks to conquer Boring World! While Anaïs and Fauna try to save the planet and enjoy their budding relationship, they’re imperiled from all sides by intergalactic bounty hunters, stabby pirates, weaponized mimes, and a very confused federal agent. The chase is on, and nothing can prepare you for the dimension-hopping erotic adventures that come next!

Title The Complete Curvy
Creators Sylvan Migdal
Pages 520
ISBN Softcover: 978-1-945820-40-3
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-39-7
Publication Date November 5, 2019
Dimensions 6.625" × 9.25"
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