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The Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories


Loup Garrou, trickster rabbits, and spirits with names that can't be spoken—the plains and forests of North America are alive with characters like these, all waiting to meet you in this collection of folklore retold in comics!

This fifth volume of the Cautionary Fables & Fairytales anthology series features updated takes on ancient stories from tribes spanning the continent, bursting with bedside tales that are thrilling, chilling, and most of all inspiring. Featuring the work of Jordaan Arledge, Maija Ambrose Plamondon, Milo Applejohn, and more!

  • As it was Told to Me by Elijah Forbes
  • Chofki by Jordaan Arledge & Mekala Nava
  • White Horse Plains by Rhael McGregor
  • The Rougarou by Maija Ambrose Plamondon & Milo Applejohn
  • Agonjin In The Water by Alice RL
  • The Woman in the Woods by Mercedes Acosta
  • Into the Darkness by Ezra Roberts & Aubrie Warner
  • By the Light of the Moon by Jeffrey Veregge & Alina Pete
Title The Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories
Creators Alina Pete, Maija Ambrose Plamondon, Milo Applejohn
Pages 120
ISBN Softcover: 978-1-945820-97-7
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-96-0
Publication Date April 5, 2022
Dimensions 6" × 9"
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