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Whisper Grass



Available at last! This is the infamous "missing scene" between between Chapter 24 and Chapter 25 of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. In this 24-page romantic interlude, the boys smoke up, talk, joke around, and get busy. Or, to let E.K. herself explain it...

Sometimes people ask me why most of the sex scenes in TJ and Amal fade to black, get cut short, or are off-camera entirely. The answer is showing those encounters wouldn't have moved the plot forward, explored the characters' personalities, or added any substance to the story. In short, those sex scenes were unnecessary.

Here's something unnecessary.

This scene was originally published as a very limited edition comic. It sold out extremely quickly, and people have been asking us how they can get a copy ever since. So, we're finally offering a digital version!

Title Whisper Grass
Creators E.K. Weaver
Pages 28
Publication Date March 24, 2017
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