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YOU DIED: An Anthology of the Afterlife


Death is, truly, the one thing we all have in common. But that doesn't make it easy to talk about.

None of us can agree on what happens after the end comes, or how much we should think about it beforehand, or even what death should mean to the living. But who says there's anything wrong with that? Not us.

This Iron Circus Comics anthology features a line-up of cartoonists, both new and notable, relating their favorite stories, myths, hopes, and suspicions about death, dying, and even The Great Beyond.

Featuring a foreword from the New York Times bestselling author (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory, From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death) and founder of death positivism herself, Caitlin Doughty, YouTube's very own Ask a Mortician, YOU DIED upholds the Iron Circus tradition of uniquely intriguing subject matter and artful execution in this frank and honest exploration of what it means to be "death-positive."

Additionally, YOU DIED won the 2022 Eisner Award for Best Anthology, and its story "Funeral in Foam"—by Raina Telgemeier and Casey Gilly—won the 2022 Eisner Award for Best Short Story!

  • What Eats Us by Letty Wilson
  • Ghost Friend by Oliver Northwood
  • Inanna's Descent to the Underworld by Ahueonao
  • Peat, Bone, Oak by Laura Ketcham
  • Remember by SE Case
  • Good Mourning by Karoline Grønvik
  • Beyond the Cosmos by James Maddox and Jeremy Lawson
  • All Souls' Day by Danielle Chuatico
  • The Spark Divine by Sally Cantirino and Jordan Alsaqa
  • Herd by Shae Beagle
  • First Law by M.Cat.White
  • Agnes and Patsy by Holly Adkins
  • Here Among the Chrysanthemums by Luyi Bennett
  • The Last Wreath by Juliette GMM López
  • Oakeri by James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts
  • Still Life by Ale Green and Fanny Rodriguez
  • Many Happy Returns! by Rhandi Fisher
  • Third Option by A. "Miru" Lee
  • Funeral in Foam by Casey Gilly and Raina Telgemeier
  • The Ankou by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton
  • You Called To Me by Nadia Shammas and Lisa Sterle
  • I Promise by A. Shinozaki and Cheryl Young
  • Hive Mind by Dani Colman and Maddie Kathleen
  • Bone Ink by Grace P. Fong and Rhiannon Rasmussen
Title YOU DIED: An Anthology of the Afterlife
Creators Ahueonao, James F. Wright, Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein
Pages 270
ISBN Softcover: 978-1-945820-63-2
DRM-free PDF: 978-1-945820-62-5
Publication Date October 13, 2020
Dimensions 6.625" × 10.25"
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